Leather Outfit Inc, “Quality Products”

A hand crafted Leather Garments manufacturing & retailing company with sales office in Seattle Washington  started in 1989 which has a strong production base, with a capacity to Produce 20,000 garments per month. Our factory features in-house leather processing from raw skin to finish and stitching facilities. We meet our customer’s needs for all kind of leather garments by selecting from a variety of quality skins also available in our proximity.

Professional Team

Leather Outfit Inc is a group of highly skilled professionals who Manufacture and export quality leather garments worldwide. It is a totally self financed company and in operation since 1989. Within a few years it has achieved the optimal level of production. Today unit is fully equipped to produce fashion and motorbike garments as well as leather gloves to satisfy vast customer needs. Based on vast experience we are specialist in sheep skin’s Cow Buffalo skin’s garments. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and show you how our products and services can fulfill your sourcing needs.


We are using branded appropriate machinery for leather garments stitching with advanced management chain system. We are capable of producing high end leather fashion garments,  motorbike leather  garments and leather gloves with all kinds of stitching details. Constant monitoring on each stitching details ensures consistent and high quality stitching. Quality control is guaranteed by regular checks and monitoring at different stages to maintain a high standard of quality while ensuring consistency in our products. Quality control is strictly enforced not only for stitching detail but also for all operations. We meet our customer’s needs in all kind of leather garments by selecting from a variety of high quality skin with the combination of creative talent and the latest equipment. We produce fine quality leather skins in the tannery for our garments unit. We are pioneers in production of sheep skins. Our tannery is equipped with the latest leather tanning machines to process any kind of leather skin.